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Oil and Gas Directory
We are all sensitive to the increasing costs associated with operating our homes. These costs can be categorized in different ways. First, the obvious cost, is the bills we receive each month from the power company, the gas company or the oil company. Whether we run our homes on natural gas, electricity, propane or heating oil, someone will be sure to send out a bill on a regular basis demanding that we pay for these commodities. We have all seen these costs increase at dramatic rate in recent years and evidence suggests we can expect more of the same.

A second cost of running our homes is the one ultimately Oil and Gas Directory borne by the environment. We all share responsibility for the impact our energy use has on the planet Earth. There is no shortage of information available to describe these effects, yet many homeowners feel somewhat detached from this responsibility. They use energy in operating their homes but don't really stop to consider where and how it is created or the impact on the environment.

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